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Making Sustainable Seafood Choices with Food Lover’s Market


At Food Lover’s Market, we take our responsibility as a retailer very seriously. We understand our role in protecting our oceans and seafood. That’s why we ensure that we only stock seafood from the WWF-SASSI green list – so that you can make sustainable seafood choices too.

What is SASSI?

South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI), an initiative of WWF South Africa, is dedicated to informing and inspiring seafood lovers, restaurateurs, wholesalers and businesses towards sustainable seafood choices. They have evaluated the sustainability of various seafood species based on factors such as population status, fishing methods, and impact on the marine environment.

WWF-SASSI uses a simple colour-coded system to help us understand which seafood is sustainable. Green means go – these are the best choices for your plate and the planet. Yellow means caution – these species may have some sustainability concerns. And red means don’t buy – these species are overfished or caught using harmful methods.

The WWF-SASSI green list serves as a valuable resource for both consumers and retailers like us, helping everyone make informed decisions about our seafood purchases. You can easily find the SASSI green list on their website or mobile app. The SASSI app allows you to find out in real-time whether to “tuck in, think twice or avoid altogether,” making it easy for you to choose sustainable seafood.

How do WWF-SASSI and Food Lover’s Market work together?

Food Lovers Holdings is a voluntary participant of the Retailer / Supplier Participation Scheme (RSPS). The programme was established in 2004 and encourages participants like us to responsibly source seafood to transform to support fisheries and farms that are more environmentally stable, indirectly incentivizing fisheries and farms to employ more sustainable practices. As part of the commitment, FLM has made measurable time-bound public goals towards sustainable seafood. WWF-SASSI works with us to move towards a fully sustainable supply chain which is traceable and transparent.

As a responsible retailer, we ask you, our customers, and consumers to hold us accountable and support us on this journey. Please find the FLM Sustainable Seafood Policy on our website. By choosing seafood from Food Lover’s Market, you are supporting sustainable fishing practices and helping to protect our oceans for future generations. Together, we can make positive change.

Our choices we make now can ensure that our favourite seafood remains on menus and in our stores for many more days to come.

Here is the link to all the SASSI approved business, click here:


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