5 Favourite Poolside Summer Snacks

Longer and warmer days mean more time spent by the pool; be it in your backyard, or packing to visit the local neighbourhood pool. Whether you are just lolling by the pool or if you are having a [...]

Melon Granitas

Try these guilt-free healthy granita recipes to enjoy on a warm Summer day as a dessert or even a palate cleanser. This recipe makes about 3-4 Litres.

Summer Refreshments for the Crowd

Impress your guests with homemade and delicious refreshments this summer! It’s always lovely when your guests can enjoy some beautiful and exciting refreshments. It does not have to be anything [...]

Sink your teeth into Watermelon!

What better way to enjoy a hot summers day than sitting by the poolside sinking your teeth into some fresh, cold watermelon? This refreshing fruit may be made up of 92% water but it is soaked [...]