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Tips on getting kids to enjoy more fruit and vegetables:


Fresh fruit and vegetables into your kid’s diets each day and help your kids understand why it is important. There might still be some resistance to eating healthy fresh produce, especially the fruit and veg that are not everyone’s favourite. So along with the Goodness Gang, we have some super tips on how to make meals exciting and packed full of nutritious ingredients. Adults will benefit too by always thinking about how you can add some more freshness to your favourite, go-to meals.

  1. The rainbow smoothie ice lolly. Prepare 3 or 4 of your favourite and most vibrant smoothies, being sure to keep it quite thick. Pour the mixtures in layers into store-bought ice-lolly trays to create beautiful and healthy rainbow ice lollies to enjoy on a hot day.  To create more of a brekkie option, you could add oats, cereal or muesli to the mix.
  2. Fruit pizza. Pizza is one of the most popular foods globally and so easy to grab and eat. Try making a fruit pizza using a slice of watermelon for the “base” and top with cut-up pieces of your favourite fruits for a colourful and fun fruit salad variation. You can even add a drizzle of honey to finish it off.
  3. Home-cooked comfort foods like Spaghetti Bolognese and cottage pies are great ways to incorporate more fibre and veg by including grated or fine-cut vegetables into your mince.
  4. Stewed fruit. Especially on cold winter mornings, stewed fruit is a great sweet addition to hot breakfast cereals. Fruit can be stewed in the microwave with a dash of water and sugar and it’s ready in no time! Mmmmmmmmyum.
  5. Vegetable rice. Adding peas, carrots or green beans to your rice while cooking will add extra colour, texture and flavour to all your dishes.
  6. The humble sandwich. It’s easy to grab a slice of toast or make a quick sandwich when we are feeling peckish. But instead of just the usual cheese or marmite, add some lettuce, a slice of tomato or even a spread of pesto to add more vegetables to your diet.
  7. Root vegetable chips. Sweet potato fries have grown in popularity, but did you know you can make carrot fries, butternuts or even kale fries? Play around with the variety of fries you make to include more tasty options.
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