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We are aware of an internal message, regarding election day working hours, circulating on social media and have investigated the matter internally.

After looking into it, we would like to unreservedly apologise to our colleagues and our customers for both the tone and the harsh stance adopted in this message. Despite having had a congenial discussion with our colleagues about this last week, with no disagreement about working hours on election day, we do acknowledge that the tone of the written communication is far harsher than what was communicated with them and is not in line with Food Lover’s Market’s values.

Secondly, we wholeheartedly support everyone’s right to vote and have since our founding actively helped our colleagues find the time to cast their vote. In the same spirit, we are also confident that there is sufficient time afforded to work and vote on election day and we had already pre-arranged transport for the team to get to voting stations after work.

Once again, we apologise and wish everyone a good election day.

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