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When is an avo perfectly ripe?

Share know their avos, so they have shared some tips on how to make sure you can enjoy the perfect creamy avo!

When is the Avo perfectly Ripe?

  • Please don’t squeeze! To test for ripeness, a green-skinned avo should yield to gentle pressure in the palm of your hand
  • When an avocado is approaching eating ripeness, the short fruit stalk comes off easily when touched gently.
  • In the Hass variety, the fruit skin changes its colour from green to purple/black during the ripening process.
  • Unripe avos should be stored at room temperature, but if you want them to ripen quicker, wrap them in newspaper or put them in a brown paper bag together with a banana. Ripe avos should be stored in a household fridge to extend their longevity – but not for too long, or they may suffer from chilling injury!

Avocado Production:

  • The majority of South Africa’s avocados are grown in the North-Eastern part of the country in the  Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces
  • Annual production of avocados in South Africa is in the region of 90 000 to approximately 120 000 tons!
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