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Why do Food Lovers Market Specials differ per store?


Why are the Food Lover’s Market Specials different per store?

We often get asked why some stores have different specials to other stores, or even why a certain region differs per store. You will find this with a lot of retailers and supermarkets.

We often get asked why some Food Lover’s Market stores have different specials and promotions compared to others, or why different regions have different specials or even different pricing. While this is prominent as OUR store because we specialise in fresh produce, you will find this difference at many supermarkets.

Why does Food Lover’s Market fresh produce prices differ by region?

Different regions grow different fruits and vegetables because of their climate, soil, environment and even the heritage of the land. For example, Western Cape grows apples and stone fruit, whereas Limpopo province grows more avocadoes. We work hard to bring you the best and freshest produce from all the regions to our local Food Lover’s Market, sometimes it comes from far which means more travelling, which means more petrol and time ad sometimes it comes from close, which means less petrol and time. This is going to result in a price difference once it gets to the store for you to buy.

Did you know that our fresh buyers are at the city’s fresh produce market every morning to bring you the best in fresh produce and those incredible specials you love?! This is one of the reasons why the fruit and vegetable prices differ per store, because when they find a great deal at a local market, they will pounce on it but the supply and distribution may only be enough to cover one region.

In addition to offering you:

  • Fresh
  • Range
  • Best price
  • we also focus on using local farmers, as this is more sustainable on the environment.

Food Lover’s Market is committed to bringing you the best in fresh-guaranteed. 

 Why doesn’t my local store support one-day deals like Big Deal Wednesday?

It is likely that your store is a little further from major city centres. Often more outlying areas that are located further from our distribution centres are simply not able to get the great deals by road freight in time for the one-day deal. These stores still regularly have good deals and everyday great prices for your to choose from.

If my store is in a province why doesn’t it have that province’s deals?

In our great big country (South Africa is 3 x the size of Japan, and 5x the size of the UK) getting the best prices and the freshest produce to you is our speciality but to make it doable, we break it down into regions. Our regions are very close to provinces but not always 100% the same.

This is best explained with an example: Newcastle is geographical in KZN, but it is right near a tri-point border. This means that sometimes getting the best produce to Newcastle is not always getting it from our distribution centre in KZN. Therefore Newcastle won’t always have KZN’s deals.

 Where Can I Find The Weekly Specials?

Our specials are loaded onto our website each week: You will need to choose your local store to get your store’s deals. If you have already done this and allowed our website to track your cookies, next time, you should land right on your favourite store.

If you are a true fan, why not go straight to your store’s page? Each store has a page on our website with their deals e.g. Simply click on the image and you can view the deals at that store. Not only this, but you can find more specials in store!

 How Long are the specials available?

The Food Lover’s Market specials run weekly. Deals start on a Monday or Tuesday and are available until that Sunday.

We also have one-day deals, like Big Deal Wednesday, or now and then you can feast on 10 buck Tuesday, or 30 Buck Thursday. How do you know when these one-day deals are? Stay updated on our social media pages to get a head’s up on these deals.


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