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5 Kids Spring Recipes from the Goodness Gang


It is vital getting fresh fruits and vegetables into your kids’ daily diet, That’s what the Goodness Gang is all about, helping kids understand why fruit and veggies are so important in helping them grow. It’s always easier when the whole family can enjoy healthy, wholesome meals together, and we’ve made mealtime more fun with the Goodness Gang. We’ve got simple everyday recipes to help you out with healthy, kid-friendly week night dinners!

Mealtime is fun time!

Bite-sized Steak and Chips

bite sized steak n chips manny mushroom

Bite-sized Steak and Chips served with mushroom sauce is perfect for kids, and for adults. Balanced with protein, fat and carbs, this is a perfect weeknight dinner.
Slicing the steak into smaller bite-sized pieces makes it easier for kids to eat. Sweet potatoes, while sweeter are actually lower in kilojoules and higher in nutrients. They cook faster and they’re in season right now, so the price is great! (Spring)

The creamy Mushroom sauce will have even the fussiest kids eating their mushrooms. Packed full of potassium and vitamin D.

Click here for the Steak n Chips recipe.






Mac and Cheese with Broccoli

mac n cheese broccoli



Are your kids always turning their nose to their greens? A small change to everyone and every kid’s favourite comfort food, Mac ‘n Cheese but with broccoli. Also similar to another favourite, broccoli cheese sauce; this is bound to be a winner and the perfect way to hide that Broccoli.

Broccoli is a green vitamin machine that tackles all those nasty germs and viruses.

Click here for the Mac ‘n Cheese recipe.




Pawpaw and sesame-crusted chicken drumsticks

pawpaw chicken



We don’t know who will be more excited by this sweet ‘n sticky chicken recipe, kids or adults! The pawpaw adds a fruity exotic flavour with natural sugars, much better than off-the-shelf sauces or marinades.

Serve with snap peas, and mash, or veggie chips.

Click here for the Pawpaw chicken recipe.




Yummy Fruity Fruit Cones

Fruity Fruit Cones



A simple and delicious treat for the kids. Dip a wafer in chocolate and nuts, fill it with whipped cream of Double Thick Yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit.

Watch out for this super quick video on Foodies of SA, to show you just how. You can even get the kids to help!






Power-packed Lunchbox Ideas:

power packed lunch boxes



Quick, easy ideas to pack fun, tasty lunch boxes for your kids featuring Steak Quesadillas and pastry boerie rolls. Click here for the Spring Lunch box ideas.





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