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Craftivism: Homemade Food Products & Preserves


Convenience and product availability is at an all time high and it seems some are longing for the days of homemade creations, driving the new “craft revolution”. 

Cooking, trying new recipes and ‘mastercheffing’ have been around for a while now, and many have started growing their own food but look out this year for “home industry” or “tuisnywerheid” products such as homemade fruit preserves, kombuchas, pastas, yoghurts etc. becoming more and more popular. 

In a time where there is a app for absolutely everything from organizing a party, getting someone to organise your home and even pay your children in return for doing their chores, people appreciate stepping away from technology and applying the mind and body to craft something at home. To try and maybe fail, to overcome limitations, and to improve- that is the joy of making something yourself.

Join us on this #LoveFoodMovement journey this year as we explore tips for making your own products from fresh ingredients, sharing recipes to get healthy and save money.

Look out for hashtags: #makers #FoodLoversMakers #DIY

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