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Food Lover’s Market Diepkloof statement


We are deeply disappointed to learn of the video circulating online regarding the Food Lover’s Market Diepkloof store and, that despite our best efforts to address the pest control issue, we once again appear to have had a rodent present in our store.

Following the last incident, there was a major revamp of the store, which included the following measures:

  • Sealed all external areas around the store to keep pests out;
  • Retained a professional pest control company to do a complete deep clean throughout the store and implement a suitable pest control programme;
  • Replaced all the cleaning equipment;
  • Serviced the bakery ovens and replaced some of the other bakery equipment;
  • Replaced freezers in the customer area;
  • Refurbished all the fruit and veg bins;
  • Removed hot food self-service bain maries and replaced them with hot food serving counters;
  • Cleared areas of possible rubble collection and potential infestation in the back of house and receiving areas of our store, and maintained these areas inside our property;
  • Implemented a food safety audit programme and we continue to maintain acceptably high audit standards, which is managed by an accredited independent company.
  • We can only conclude that the major contribution to this problem is the condition of the surrounding areas around the store. It is quite clear that the failure to keep these areas clean, and allowing it to be used as an informal dump, has resulted in the presence of rodents in our – and other – stores.

This matter was brought to the attention of the local authorities 18 months ago –Statement Jan 2019. Little, if anything, has been done to address the issue since then. We appeal to the local authorities, as we have before, to take this matter in hand. We fear that if this matter is not addressed, this problem will reoccur.

We will however immediately do everything in our power to ensure that the store is clean and rodent-free. This will include bringing in a pest control company overnight. We will continue to remain vigilant to address the issue and do everything we can to assist our franchisee in his efforts to manage any pest control issues as a result of the surrounding area.

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