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Food Lover’s Market earns their title as The Best in Fresh


Food Lover’s Market remains the first port of call for the discerning customer, the connoisseur, the professional foodie and home cook who are used to the exceptional quality and variety that has always been part of their core offering. The group continues to post impressive turnover results despite the prevailing pandemic, by offering customers consistent value, quality fresh produce and a theatre-of-food experience with a distinctive market feel.

The company is on record as saying that it responded to the challenge posed by the health crisis by increasing its range of groceries and perishables, ensuring a consistent supply of products from its network of farmers and producers and ensuring that all Covid-19 protocols are in place to ensure the safety of its team and customers.

In addition, the Food Lover’s Eateries offer a wide variety of affordable trendy dishes and convenience meals which has contributed to their appeal among local consumers.

This also explains why Food Lover’s Market has taken the top accolades in various categories of Readers’ Choice, including Best Bakery, Best Deli, Best Fresh Produce and Best Butchery.

The first thing they did when the pandemic hit was to adopt a proactive approach to ensure their customers have a  safe shopping experience at all their stores across the country, as well as in their operations abroad.

These measures range from convening a Covid-19 crisis committee, strict daily testing and isolation protocols as well as proactive deep cleaning measures at stores and distributing centres by professional cleaning companies contracted to do the job. Team members are screened on arrival at work, educated on protective and preventative measures and the stores follow the guidelines from the Department of Health rigorously.

Food Lover’s Market’s have also come to the rescue of many vulnerable families who were hit hard by the pandemic through their sustainability and social responsibility arm, Earth Lovers. By working with NPO’s and charities such as Food Forward, Meals-on-Wheels and the Kolisi Foundation, Earth Lovers assisted in various campaigns to alleviate hunger in communities impacted by the pandemic.

The Food Lover’s Market story began in 1993 when brothers Brian and Mike Coppin opened their first-ever store in Access Park, Cape Town. The rest is history as they say – but what an exciting story the Food Lover’s Market journey continues to be!

Visit their website for a range of specials on offer and to stay up to date with operational hours.

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