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Food Lover’s Market opens a brand new flagship theatre of shopping in Bothasig


This stunning new store is a showcase of Food Lovers Markets theatre of food approach.

On 20 October 2022, Food Lover’s Market, South Africa’s largest privately owned retailer, opened its highly-anticipated Bothasig store on 20 October 2022 to a very positive response from the local community and surrounds.

Says Brian Coppin, CEO and Co-Founder of the Food Lover’s Market Group, “From the overwhelmingly positive response before the opening, we are certain that this will become the preferred store in the neighbourhood. We’re confident that we’ve created the best store in the community – a superior shopping destination, where the quality and variety is exceptional and will delight every single consumer.”

The new jewel in the retailer’s crown is a stand-alone site, with a huge emphasis placed on creating an environment of fresh and sustainable shopping. This includes energy efficiencies, such as remote cabinet monitoring capability, ice storage systems for air-conditioning and a solar panel that will generate 359.7 kWp DC of renewable electricity annually. These innovations form part of Food Lover’s Market’s sustainability journey – part of the retailer’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, spearheaded by its Earth Lovers division.

Creating the best store in the neighbourhood

“We’ve really thought long and hard about what it takes to be the best store in the community in the current economic climate and have realised that it’s about offering a ‘whole’ shopping experience. It’s not just about theatre – although we are the best at creating that visual appeal in our stores. It’s also about supporting the community by offering value, quality, and choice.”

The new store will offer customers a unique one-stop shopping experience. The retailer has been relentless in fostering outstanding supplier relationships, which means they can offer a wide range of quality products at fantastic prices – this includes a grocery section that is competitive in terms of range and price. The gourmet butchery boasts a team of 25 colleagues, dedicated to delivering a premium meat counter, with the feel of a traditional butcher. Other departments within this 3000 sqm space include fresh produce, an on-site bakery, a wine section, a fresh seafood department, and cheese and deli counters. Hot food offerings include Crispy Chicken, Bubs Fish & Chips and Pie O’My, while The Fresh Society, Love Health and Health & Happiness will appeal to the health-conscious shopper. The Grab & Go includes a Sushi counter and a Biltong Bar, and a Seattle Coffee Co will also be available at the entrance to the store.

Offering consumers visual appeal to delight young and old 

Adults and children alike with be delighted by the animatronics dotted around the store. Food Lover’s Market has transformed their traditional brick-and-mortar space into an emporium to delight the senses by employing various animatronics and digital screens to keep the customer informed, entertained and engaged while shopping. The theatre starts with a 9-metre Windmill beckoning shoppers from the road. On arrival, customers will be greeted by a tree of life as they enter the fresh produce section, followed by a band of fresh produce characters – an apple, avocado, strawberry, carrot and broccoli. A dancing banana performs musical theatrics, and shoppers with a sweet tooth will be delighted with the dancing doughnut in the bakery section.

The store will be managed by Valentino Ricciardi, a highly experienced retailer with 42 years under his belt. Valentino has been part of the Food Lover’s family for the past 29 years since its inception. He will have a team of 150 passionate team members to support him. Most of the 200 team members have been sourced from the general area and surrounds, including Du Noon, Milnerton and Edgemead, as well as current team members who have asked to transfer as the store is based closer to home.

Shoppers are encouraged to watch the local press and the Food Lover’s Market website for details of all the specials. The store is located at the intersection of Link and Vryburger Roads, Bothasig.

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