Know your Beef Cuts…Steak 101

Always getting the same cuts of beef, or find yourself looking at the beef and a little confused about which beef cut is which? What’s the difference between rump and sirloin? What cuts of beef are on a T-bone? Which types of beef are better for potjies, stewing, braaing or slow-ccoking? Let’s cut out the confusion and get to know beef a little more, along with the best ways to cook each cut.

Our 28-day matured Karan Beef is produced from the finest Class A beef, our steaks have been aged to perfection. Karan Beef are the experts in beef of course, so who better to tell you about your beef than them. Get to know your cuts here: which we have summarised for you below.

Know your Cuts:


One of the most popular in South Africa, rump is tender and flavourful. A tender cut, which consists of a few loosely connected muscles and the pelvic bone.

Grill, Pan-fry or Braai the steaks.

Try some of these delicious rump recipes. 


It contains the vertebrae with the T-shaped bone and the fillet on the one side and the eye muscle on the other. The meat is tender and has a fine texture, and known to be more flavoursome. 

Grill, Pan-fry or Braai the steaks. Or Over Roast large big cuts on the bone.

Try some of these delicious sirloin recipes


A leaner cut of beef that melts in your mouth. The fillet is boneless and without fat, and the most tender cut in the carcass. 

One large cut – baste and oven roast or braai.

Several steaks can be cut from the fillet such as Minute, Mignon – Grill and pan-fry

Try some of this succulent fillet recipes


the bone in a shape of a T, the bigger portion is sirloin and the smaller bit is a fillet mignon. 

Braai, grill, oven roast.

T-Bone and pepper are a perfect pair, here’s how to cook it. 

Prime Rib & Ribeye:

Consists of three to four rib bones and eye muscle. On top of the eye muscle there are several flat muscle layers separated by layers of fat and connective tissue. 

Ribeye Steaks come from the prime rib section – they are more tasty and juicy due to its internal fat that melts into the meat. 

Spice up your ribeye with Pete Goffe-Wood’s Grilled Rib-eye with Masala butter. 


From the inner muscle of the thigh. The texture is coarse with little marbling.

Tender and very lean when cooked well, making it ideal for roasting and carving into lean slices. Often used for biltong, stewing steak, mince or as a whole roast.  Make sure you baste your topside regularly while it’s in the oven.

Enjoy this redwine and herb topside roast.


It contains a large proportion of bone and white connective tissue that contribute to the taste. Great for an osso buco or use as mince.


The cut contains breast bone and a few ribs. Brisket toughness can be counteracted with long, slow cooking to deliver a rich, tender meat.

One of the best cuts for braising and slow cooking.

Perfect for Winter; try this beef & prune casserole.

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