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SOARING FREE SUPERFOODS – Raw Chocolate: The Nutritional and Guilt Free ‘Food of the Gods’!


Turn those chocolate cravings into super-nutrition! Eating chocolate in its raw state allows the healthy properties of this food to shine through. The Superfoods Raw Chocolate Bar uses artisanal fine raw super foods and brings back chocolate to it’s traditional purpose: as a medicine. Thus giving you nutrients and is guilt-free! However, it is important to remember that overindulgence can have ‘caffeine’ like effects. As always we say: “everything in moderation”!

These chocolate bars are made from raw Cacao paste, raw Cacao butter, raw Cacao powder and a few other super food ingredients that you might need to read up about; such as baobab, Chaga, hemp seeds/powder, Lucuma, Sunflower Lecithin and more.

  • Raw Chocolate Original – 65% Heirloom Raw Cacao, 20% Super food/herbs and sweetened with Low GI Coconut Sugar.
  • Raw Chocolate Zero Sugar Added: 65% Heirloom Raw Cacao, 35% Super foods/herbs and diabetic friendly.

You have probably seen and heard quite a bit about Cacao (pronounced ‘Ca-Cow’) and the many forms of buying it, but what is it and why does it differ from the more commonly used Cocoa (pronounced ‘Co-Co’)?

Regular chocolate goes through a high-temperature roasting process, which damages the Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants.


The cacao bean (which is actually a nut) is the seed of the Cacao Fruit, which is indigenous to Central America. In ancient times, raw cacao beans were used as money (yes, money did grow on trees!) It was used as a currency in Mexico until 1887.

Great news: the cacao fruit is always in season! The pods are harvested from the trees, ripened and left to ferment. The fermentation is where the bitterness is reduced and that delicious chocolate flavour develops. Then the beans are dried (where the brown colour develops) and flavor develops further. This highly complex food means that it cannot by synthesised artificially.

All about the Products/Forms of Cacao:

Cacao Beans – whole-food form. You can eat them whole. Recommended daily intake is 5-10 whole beans.

Raw Cacao Paste – cacao nibs are ground down at very low temperatures, which leads to a smooth, liquid cacao that is then set.

Cacao Powder – this is the remaining product after the butter has been pressed out and is fine-milled into powder. Recommended daily intake is 5-20g.

Cacao Beans Nibs – Chocolate nuts/chips from crushed & whole raw cacao beans with the skins removed. They have a strong, buttery flavour. Recommended daily intake is 5-20g or small handful.

Raw Cacao Butter – Chocolate butter from cold pressed raw cacao nibs and is solid at room temperature. They are used to make chocolate or even as a skin moisturizer.


  • Heart-supporting magnesium
  • Mood-enhancing effects/Natural Antidepressant
  • Anti-aging antioxidants
  • Suppressing appetite for weight loss
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Brain Health
  • Energy Boosting – It’s no wonder that Willy Wonker’s crew are so energetic and full of wisdom…it’s the chocolate!


The Soaring Free Superfoods have an amazing Raw Organic Chocolate bar range, with some of these incredible health benefits:



2 Cups Water

1 Cup Raw Cacao Powder

¾ Berries

½ Cup Cashews

½ Cup Chia Seeds

¼ Cup Cacao Butter, melted

3 TBs Honey

½ Tsp. Vanilla Extract



Grind the chia seeds to a powder. Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Allow to set in the fridge. (Add extra honey if you’d like it sweeter)


Thank you to Soaring Free Superfoods and Rawlicious for these amazing products, an educational insight to Cacao.

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