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World Plant Based Milk Day


Join Food Lover’s Market in celebrating World Plant Milk Day on 22 August 2019.

World Plant Based Milk Day is an international day to learn more about plant-based alternatives to dairy milk. This foodstuff day is only in its second anniversary, but the shift toward plant based milk from dairy milk is  experiencing a never before pace of moving from one foodstuff to another. People are realising the benefits. 

According to Plant Based News and Proveg, the founders and partners of World Plant Based Milk Day, the benefits are:

  1. Better for the planet
  2. Better for the animals
  3. Better for the environment
  4. Better for you!

You can read more on their website:

If you are lactose intolerant, looking out for your health, or the animals and want to give it a try, here are some of the plant based milks available at Food Lover’s Market. 

  • Almond Breeze Almond Milk: Unsweetened and Barista Blend
  • Earth & Co: Rice Milk and Almond Milk
  • Good Hope MA Soya Milk: Unsweetened and Chocolate Milk
  • Nature’s Choice: Rice milk powder and soy milk powder (This will be a little tricky)!
  • Food Lovers Brand Coconut Milk


Almond Breeze, produced by Blue Diamond Almonds is a prominent Almond Milk is South Africa and globally. Blue Diamond believes their difference lies with their growers that are part of a cooperative that has been around for over 100 years. While the produce in made from Californian almonds, the milk is locally produced in South Africa.

At Food Lover’s Market, you can find the original sweetened almond milk, the original unsweetened, sweetened chocolate flavoured milk and the Barista Blend

The barista blend is well liked in coffee, and is the brand available at Seattle Coffee Co. when you ask for Almond Milk. 

If you are still unsure on using Almond Milk, try out anyone of their delicious recipes. 

We simply paired the unsweetened milk with some Wazoogles Oats for a superfood, super-tasty breakfast. 


Earth & Co, more recent to Food Lover’s Market shelves offers a rice milk and an almond milk, and take care to ensure that their product is not only 100% natural but produced in a responsible manner.  

The rice milk is enriched with calcium and is the least likely to affect allergies. It is a good choice for a customer looking for plant based milk that is either allergic to soy or nuts. 

Rice milk is perfect for over cereals or make creamy rice pudding. It has a higher carbohydrate content, with lower protein that other plant-based milks. 

Earth & Co Almond Milk boasts a preservative-free almond milk with no colourants, sweeteners or GMOs. The products are produced in Europe. 

Good Hope MA (Milk Alternative)

Good Hope MA Milk is a soy based milk which is mineral fortified and a classic, common alternative. It is made by well-known milk brand Clover SA. It is the cheapest milk alternative on the market, and contains the highest amount of protein out of all the plant based milks. 

 Food Lover’s Market Coconut Milk 

Our house brand coconut milk and coconut cream boast the best price in the market. Coconut milk has a much higher fat content than the other alternatives and can therefore replace full cream milk. It is cream for cooking, desserts and best of all, making dairy-free ice-cream! It is a pinnacle ingredient in a Thai curry, and delicious in tomato soup.

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Most plant milks are lower in kilojoules than cows’ milk.  With all plant based milk, it is advised to give it a good shake before using. It is suggested that soya milk is heated before added to a hot beverage to prevent it from separating.

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