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Food Lover’s Eatery: 5 Meals to Take Home During Loadshedding


Loadshedding. Enough said. It sucks, and we can’t prevent it. What we can do is take the stress and worry out of supper time with Food Lover’s Market’s tips and solutions.

Our recently published article, Loadshedding Recipes and Top Tips, provided great insights into how you can plan for loadshedding; check it out for some clever pantry essentials and super recipes.

But even the most fastidious planner slips up sometimes. So, what can you do? Pop over to Food Lover’s Market, that’s what!

And no! Loadshedding takeaways don’t always have to be junk food – Food Lover’s Market has everything that you need for a balanced and healthy meal. But if you want something a little bit naughty, we have that too.


Below we have listed 5 of our best ready-made meals to take home during loadshedding.

  1. Poke Bowls

A meal that needs to be enjoyed cold. Warm would be… weird. Poke bowls are healthy for the whole family. A regular poke bowl will have protein, starch, and veggies. Not all kids are super excited about salmon; in this case, opt for a familiar protein, like chicken.

The meal comes in a bowl which can be later disposed of – no washing up!

Or, when the power comes back on, wash it and repurpose the bowl; it is great for storing little toys.

  1. Rotisserie Chicken

Pick up a delicious rotisserie chicken. Team it with a ready-made salad, or whip up one at home. Raid your fridge, and you will most likely have some pickled onions or gherkins; their tangy pickled flavours will elevate your meal. 

  1. Burgers

We had to add a naughty treat to the list. You deserve it. Our range of burgers is extensive, from the patty to the toppings. Assemble your favourites.


  1. Our Hot Foods Buffet

Stop by a Food Lover’s Eatery and see our incredible hot foods buffet. Pick and choose all your family’s favourites. Easy and quick.

Top Tip: Wrap your sealed hot foods in a dishcloth and store it in a thermal lunch bag for the trip home. It will stay warmer for longer.

  1. Sushi

Many couples are busy, and it is hard to plan a date night. Thankfully Eskom is South Africa’s version of Cupid. Candles for light, cuddling for warmth, oh Eskom, you modern-day Romeo!

Pick up some sushi to make the most of this date night.


Make the most of loadshedding with our fantastic take-home meals.

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