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5 (Easy) Lunch Ideas to Turn Your Monday Around


Yes, it’s Monday. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a bore. Check out this list of 5 quick, easy, and tasty lunch ideas to turn your Monday around and get you back on track. If you prepare at the office, work from home, or do your prep in the evenings, there is an easy lunch, that your colleagues will covet in this list of easy lunch ideas.

5 Easy Lunch Ideas:

1. Exotic Mango and Rice Salad

A deliciously healthy and rice salad, without heavy dressing or mayonnaise, this salad is perfect for a Summer lunch that is packed with flavour and nutrition.

This recipe is brought to you courtesy of Mmmmm mangoes SA. Visit for more.

Mango Rice Salad
Mango Rice Salad


2. Beef Kebabs

Full of flavour and easy to prepare, beef kebabs are a summer meal for the books. You might have your own recipe, but if not, try this easy recipe. Now, if you’re wondering how to prepare this dish in the middle of your workday and what makes this a lunch idea… Sunday lunch tastes just as good on a Monday (minus the effort).

beef shish kebabs
Beef Shish Kebabs and Baby Potato Salad

3. Salmon Rice Bowl

Salmon, rice, and everything nice…these are the ingredients that make up this seriously delicious fresh Summer salmon rice bowl!

Salmon Rice Bowl
Salmon Rice Bowl

4. Pasta salad

This one is great: If you made pasta last night and you have some leftovers, you can turn it into a delicious salad! If you made roast veggies last night and have some leftovers, you can add pasta and turn it into a tasty veg pasta salad. Make leftovers into a new dish by adding a different dressing. This pasta salad with a turmeric dressing is perfect for a packed lunch.

What to add? Choose from a wide selection of ready-to roast veggies and an assortment of fresh bread from our Fresh Convenience Range and Food Lover’s bakery.

If you have the resolution to reduce your plastic in 2022, be sure to choose from our loose vegetables and nude wall, for all the best fresh- as nature intended.

5. Tasty, tender chicken

Ready-made, spiced to perfection and waiting for you to add bread or a salad to complete the meal. This one is easy, because you just have to stop at your nearest Food Lover’s Eatery or Food Lover’s Market for a grilled chicken quarter and you’re good to go. If you’re in Cape Town or Joburg city, do yourself a favour and try one of these 10 quick, affordable meals from Food Lover’s Eatery. 

Looking for some more ideas? We said 5 easy ideas, but we’ve got more just for you!

  • Bagels, oh yes!

Grab some bagels from the Food Lover’s bakery to make an easy, delicious, and trendy lunch! What to put in it? Smoked Chicken, Mango, and cream cheese are a winner, you should give this recipe a go. And for those who can’t get hold of bagels, make a sarmie using fresh artisan bread or try it in a wrap.

  • Avocado pesto salad

This Mediterranean dish is vegetarian and packed full of nutrition. It’s just the fresh summer dish that will give your Monday a boost. Go ahead, try the recipe.

If you’re ever wondering if you should eat more avo, check out the benefits here.

  • Grilled cheese toastie (with bruschetta)

This is beginner-level goodness that anyone can enjoy. It takes less than 25 mins to prepare, and it’s filled with goodness and is office-kitchen friendly. Check out this recipe. If bruschetta isn’t for you, or you want to whip something up easy faster, our bakery offers a wide assortment, baked fresh each day. Choose from sourdough, Ouma brood, German Landbrot, rye or even gluten-free options.

Start the new year off with these fun lunch or dinner ideas! If you’re also taking part in Dry January, take a peek at our alcohol-free cocktails – they can be enjoyed at the office too. Take the last bit of the summer holiday into the office with you. 

Grab yours at a Food Lover’s Market near you. Keep an eye on our Food Lover’s Market specials and save big.

Food Lover’s Market – The Ultimate Food Lover’s Destination.


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