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5 Favourite Poolside Summer Snacks


Longer and warmer days mean more time spent by the pool; be it in your backyard, or packing to visit the local neighbourhood pool. Whether you are just lolling by the pool or if you are having a full-blown pool party, you are going to need summer snacks. Food Lover’s Market has the hottest and the best poolside summer snacks this summer! Irrespective of the crowd or the budget, we have something for you.

Our Top 5 Poolside Summer Snacks:

#1 Watermelon, Watermelon and more watermelon!


If summer had a fruit ambassador mascot, the watermelon would be it. In another match made in heaven, sticky hands and faces from the sweet, syrupy watermelon are remedied by a dip in the pool! If you’re brave or perhaps long school holidays got you bored of your usual lunch, try this SA combination of white bread, butter, watermelon and salt. Just trust us on this one. But if you’re not up for trying that, then you should defs try watermelon pizza.

Not only is fruit a fantastic way to stay hydrated this summer, but it’s also good for us! Check out our summer fruit specials and get nibbling. Delicious grapes, juicy strawberries and sweet watermelon are great summer choices.

#2 Chips and More Chips

Eat them from the packet or opt for your classic flavours like Mexican Chilli or Salt & Vinegar, slap them on a soft white roll and munch away. Can you even say you had a summer snack at the pool if you didn’t eat chips?

Or nibble on some corn nibs! Available in a variety of flavours from our Health & Happiness dispensers, they make the perfect poolside snack. (PS: They also go really well with beer).

And then there are Food Lover’s Prawn Crackers and highly rated Lentil or Quinoa Chips! Great on their own and great with a dip of your choice. If you are unsure of which flavours work well together, try a spicey dip or whip us some cottage or cream cheese, or plain yoghurt with celery and onion. Yummy!

#3 Mexicorn or Santa Anna’s Corn Chips

Another great snack is corn chips. Throw together simple guacamole, buy some cream cheese and team this all with some chopped cherry tomatoes and grated cheese for a makeshift nacho dish. OR, for something a little fresh and lighter, try our new black bean hummus recipe with fresh salsa. Easy and oh so tasty!

#4 Hotdogs

Absolute all-time fave! Ready in a matter of minutes, hotdogs are always a go-to snack. Is it gourmet, not at all but it’s summer holiday time? And for vegans, vegetarians, and even Reducetarians; grab some Fry’s vegan hotdogs. If you have more time and are planning to spend the day at the pool, make the most of it and braai some boeries. Easy and simple. Who doesn’t love a good hotdog or boerie? Jan Braai boerewors is widely recognised as the best in SA, and exclusive to Food Lover’s Market. 

#5 Sushi To-Go

Pick up some sushi to go – we have a vast variety to choose from. Picture it: a hot day at the poolside with refreshing fresh sushi as a snack. Heavenly! Maybe couple it with a glass of wine or a cocktail? Goodness me!

If you are more of the ‘hostess with the mostess’, and would prefer to make something from scratch, Summer Rice Paper rolls are a definite win. They taste fresh and look beautiful too. Try adding edible flowers or fresh fruit to really WOW your guests, and don’t forget the dipping sauce!

Protect yourself against the unexpected; pop down to your local Food Lover’s Market and pick up some of these poolside snack essentials. With your pantry and fridge fully stocked you will always be ready to offer some tasty poolside morsels!


And for a little something extra, a sweeter side…you should try these summer fruit cones!

Fruit Cones




Written for Food Lover’s Market by Nicole Giani. 

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