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Romantic recipes to make your special someone this Valentines day.


How about spoiling your loved one this year with a day filled with delightfully delicious recipes?  

Valentine’s Day is a controversial topic, many look at it as the day of love, some regard it as more of a marketing scheme to sell roses 10x the price they would normally cost. We here at Food Lovers see Valentine’s Day as a perfect opportunity to spoil your special someone with a home cooked meal followed by a delicious sweet treat. As we all know the way to a person’s heart goes through their stomach!  
 For this year’s day of romance, we’ve put together our favourite Valentine’s Recipes! Here is some inspiration for you:  
  • Spoil your loved one with a delicious stack of war buttermilk flapjacks for breakfast: 
Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about SHARING the love. So why not start the day by making flapjacks together?
  • As a light lunch, how about making a yummy bacon wrapped cherry bruschetta with our delicious juicy cherries still being in season.  There is nothing better than the crunchy bite of fresh toasted garlic baguette with the sweet and salty combination of cherries and bacon in one bite.  If this recipe doesn’t scream Valentine’s lunch, then we don’t know what will! 
Last but certainly not least a romantic Valentines Dinner cannot be missed!  
We’ve put together a delicious 3-course dinner menu for you to enjoy with your special someone.  
  • A romantic dinner should not be a heavy dinner. Therefore we went for a fresh watermelon, feta and herb salad as a starter. 

Waiting up next is the star of the show, Dukkah Crusted Beef Fillet.  
Have you tried dukkah yet? You may just fall in love. Often found on menus at restaurants, or in a ready-made spice mix from stores…Dukkah is a game-changer in the kitchen. So, if you have not tried it, or you love it, it’s time to make your own dukkah. Dukkah is made with basic ingredients, including nuts, sesame seeds, coriander, and cumin. 

Here is the recipe for the perfect Valentine’s Day main course to wow you loved one: 
 To end of an amazing dinner, we have chosen a simple and easy dessert recipe that only takes a few minutes to make.  
  • Wine Roasted Grapes With Vanilla Ice Cream And Spiced Nuts. What a treat!









Fun fact: 78 percent soulmates believe that couples who cook together stay together! When cooking together you have more time to interact and connect, which can help strengthen your bond. We hope this little blog post inspired you to get cooking with your special someone.  Sharing food and special moments together is the most special gift one can receive.  

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