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The perfect patty. SA’s widest range of burger patties!


The perfect burger starts with the perfect patty. It’s all about the patty. And with the Food Lover’s range, your taste buds will be travelling the World.

You’re in for a treat with burger night thanks to the Food Lover’s range of burger patties. From classic to gourmet, we have a range for every palate. A variety of toppings, flavours and textures will get your taste buds dancing.

So if you’re looking for something different, then look no further. We take pride in offering a wide range of meat products such as our ever-popular Wagyu Burger patties, and new-age gourmet burger patties.

Whether classic or gourmet, the cooking style is up to you (grilling, frying and baking are all good options).

Take a look at the selection and visit your nearest Food Lover’s to get your ingredients for the best burgers:

Food Lover’s Classic Burger Patty Range


The classics are the everyday burger range from Food Lover’s Market. Find them pre-packed (4x100g) or chat to the local block man at the butchery to pack burger patties for you. The classic range includes

  • Beef burger
  • Chargrill burger
  • Cheese burger
  • Namakwa burger
  • Pepper burger

Food Lover’s Gourmet Burger Patties

Who’s in for a beer and burger pairing?

Do you want to download and print the recipes? Download the burger recipe book here.

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