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Your Guide for Christmas Leftovers


The buildup to a traditional Christmas Day feast is packed with excitement and anticipation. We all have our own strategy in place that ensures we enjoy our favourite dish – whether you tuck into your top pick immediately or savour the moment and save it for last. 

The best part of this feast is arguably the leftovers. Not only is it a great way to get some bang for your buck, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to get creative with those delicious festive morsels by whipping up something new. Stretch your meal that bit further with these tips and recipes: 

The Plankie Braai & Leftovers Platter:

One of the easiest ways to use up leftovers is on a tapas-style platter. For many, we braai (more food) on boxing day, leaving more leftovers in the fridge. So, why not braai up some of the Food Lover’s Plankie Braai range and create a delicious platter by pairing it with those tidbits of cheese, a portion of veggies, and sliced-up pieces of Christmas roast?

Plankie Braai Platter


Easy Chopped Chicken or Turkey Salad – Upcycle your festive feast by tossing together some buttery lettuce, cherry tomatoes and salad dressing with cubed leftover chicken for a simple and light lunchtime meal. Try this turkey and cherry salad recipe.

Turkey Salad


Stuffing Waffles – Happen to have a waffle maker at home? Use leftover stuffing to make the perfect savoury waffle that can be topped with an egg and some bacon for a unique twist on a breakfast stack. If your stuffing is on the drier side, you can add a small amount of classic batter-like mixture of eggs and milk to soften it up. 

Stuffed Butternut – Create your own stuffing or bulk up your leftover portion by adding finely chopped roast veg and meant, add this to roasted butternut halves, topped with grated cheese and finished off in the oven on the grill. 

Roast Veg Frittata or Breakfast Casserole – Leftover roast veg is often neglected but fortunately, the beauty of a classic frittata can be found in its ability to elevate its filling with a fresh new look and taste. Add your whipped egg mixture and chopped up veg to a baking dish, pop it in the oven and serve for your next breakfast, lunch or even as a tea time treat!  Got leftover meat? Chop it up and toss it together with the leftover veggies to make a breakfast casserole. Use this recipe. 

Egg Fried Rice with Gammon

Turn gammon into a completely new meal with this egg fried rice using leftover gammon and the addition of citurs and Asian flavours.

Egg Fried Rice with Orange Galzed Gammon


Gammon & Sweet Potato Sandwich

The Food Lover’s bakery has a range of freshly baked artisan-style breads that make for a perfect sarmie using leftovers! Try the sweet potato bread with slices of gammon and leftover salad or veggies.

Gammon Sandwich

Potato Cakes – Recreate your mashed potatoes by simply adding in some seasoning and eggs, place them in the oven or pan fry them to make perfectly golden and crunchy potato cakes. Best served with some sour cream. 

You could also give these tried and tested recipes a try, specially created to ensure you get the most out of your festive feast this season: 

What about the leftover Christmas cake?

Why not extend Christmas flavours to everything in the festive period, for extra festive goodness? Quite simply, energy balls are made with ingredients that give you energy. Like nuts and other good fats to keep you full.

Christmas Cake Energy Balls

Explore the Christmas leftovers recipes here:

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